The completely revamped plan now takes advantage of cross ventilation from the city view side to the green hillside view as well as providing a very open feeling. Stairways open up connections between the several separate use levels, and skylights above allow a filtered light to extend to stories below. The use of glass and steel stair rails keep the transparent and flowing feeling. The homeowners participated in the construction process, managing alongside the local sub contractors. The entrance to the home is a series of paths, steps and walkways that create an experience from the street to the pivoted glass front door. The home’s contemporary elements and concepts fit with the aesthetic of the young homeowners. The soft grey exterior plaster blends with the neighborhood’s often foggy weather and is a low maintenance solution.

This remodeled home demonstrates that a great design concept can be achieved with reasonable expense. Located on a narrow, steep hillside lot in San Francisco, the residence now rises 4 floors with a new top floor and generous windows, opening the previously unconsidered potential 180 degree expanded views of the city and the bay.


Previously, this level was closed up in five small rooms. This entertainment level was completely opened up and is now a crisp and modern great room.

The new entrance to the home is a sequence of walkways that create an interesting experience from the street to the front door.

The consistent use of simple and modern materials extends to the master bath. The bath is visually opened up with tall windows that overlook the private and green hillside. The windows allow the juxtaposition of the sleek, modern interior with the green and complex exterior

The new powder room space was stolen from an unneeded area behind the elevator. The wall of simple shimmering glass tile balances the custom concrete counter tops.

The glass entry hall, custom glass and iron stairway allow an open feeling. This stairwell is central to the project. The light well above brings light into the stair below, and above is open to the home office.

A pivoting aluminum entrance door reinforces the visually open concept of the home. Upon entering through the glass door, a visitor looks through the great room to the city and bay views beyond.





A modern interpretation of an archway frames the city views beyond as one descends  to the street.